CCTV & Surveillance

Safe & Sound Security (UK) Ltd provide CCTV installation and remote surveillance services to give you peace of mind even when your site or premises is unmanned

We provide installation of both fixed and mobile closed circuit television and surveillance systems. These can be deployed to sites nationwide and can be installed by our experts and expertly planned to give your site, premises or subject the best protection possible. These systems can be setup to be remotely monitored from anywhere in the world, or we can provide the facility for your site to be monitored from one of our 24/7 control rooms to give you peace of mind whilst your site remains empty.

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Security Guards

Safe & Sound Security (UK) Ltd provide security officers for static sites and also offer Mobile Patrols to maintain a high visibility presence to prevent and deter theft and damage

Take a proactive approach to protecting your premises, our manned guarding solutions provide a visual deterrent to actively reduce the potential for theft and damage. Even whilst protected by CCTV nothing beats the deployment of a security guard on site to provide a dynamic element who can react as and when needed.

We offer a second to none, professional and presentable security guarding service. Our security officers are uniformed, professional, courteous, and well trained...

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K9 Security Patrols

K9 Patrol & Guarding Services

K9 patrols can be a cost-effective solution particularly for covering large areas along with areas where patrols may be particularly dangerous or challenging. Our dogs can work in all weathers, along with their handlers, to ensure that your premises remain safe from breaks ins, criminal damage, and theft...

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Push to Talk Solutions

Safe & Sound Security (UK) Ltd provide push to talk solutions for your site and business communication needs

We supply a range of digital two way radios and associated products from the industries leading manufacturers including Motorola's MOTOTRBO, Kenwood, Icom and Hytera. You can expect expert advice on the deployment of any of our push to talk solutions and our experience in providing specialist solutions for the petrochemical, gas and other hazardous environments makes us a good choice when considering this type of equipment for your organisation.

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Satellite Broadband

Safe & Sound Security (UK) Ltd Provide Satellite Broadband solutions to bring you an internet connection to remote areas and areas without current services

Utilising Satellite Technology we can provide a broadband connection anywhere - provided there is a power supply and suitable location to mount a satellite dish that has an unobstructed view of the sky (as with satellite TV). Satellite Broadband can be adapted to provide a range of functionality with some of our customers benefiting from integration with other products and services we provide such as multi site communication and CCTV.

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Wireless & VoIP

Safe & Sound Security (UK) Ltd provide wireless communication and VoIP solutions to enable you to communicate from remote locations and whilst on the move

VoIP, (Voice Over Internet Protocol) a technology for making calls over the internet is becoming increasingly popular for many businesses and is more than just a way of transporting data, it’s also a tool that simplifies and streamlines a wide range of business applications.

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Site Print & Email

Safe & Sound Security (UK) Ltd provide on site print solutions to ensure your business continues no matter where your site is situated

We provide site print solutions which enable you to keep your workflow on track whether at head office or on site.

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4G Connectivity

4G Mobile Broadband Connections for your site

If there is coverage and you need 4G, perhaps for greater flexibility or to fit with your organisations IT structure, we can get you up and running with an M2M Dual Sim 4G Router and External Antenna providing a high speed 4G connection.

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Vibration Monitoring

Safe & Sound Communications (UK) Ltd can supply vibration monitoring equipment to ensure you remain compliant with vibration levels in your workplace

Our vibration monitoring solutions can help you and your business remain on top of the vibration levels being output by manual and electronic working equipment to help you reduce and mitigate exposure to Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) also known as Raynaud's phenomenon.

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