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Fixed Site CCTV

We supply and install fixed site CCTV packages that come with the compatibility to allow our customers to remote monitor a site via Smartphones and Tablet Devices.

These hours are chosen by site and can be changed at any time upon request. Should anything then trigger the sensors inside these chosen hours, the monitoring station will notify any given contact via email and phones should any sensor be triggered.

The monitoring station will also give a live PA deterrent from the monitoring station to site advising the unwanted visitor they are being monitored via a live CCTV stream and they should leave site immediately.

We also provide the ability to have your site remotely monitored by one of our dedicated monitoring stations 24/7 - giving peace of mind during ‘closed hours’.


  • 4x HD dome cameras
  • 4x detectors
  • DVR Recorder & Monitoring
4x cameras solution


  • 6x HD dome cameras
  • 6x detectors
  • DVR Recorder & Monitoring
4x cameras solution


  • 8x HD dome cameras
  • 8x detectors
  • DVR Recorder & Monitoring
4x cameras solution


Sitecam is the answer to your Site Security needs. Whenever, wherever you need to protect your premises, Sitecam is your complete solution.

Sitecam is simple to use. Upon leaving site, simply arm the system via the remote control supplied and the system will be armed after a short period.

The system is totally enclosed in a heavy duty custom built unit with a collapsible 7 metre tower. The unit features wind out stabilizing legs to enable the unit to be positioned on almost any hard surface with minimal fuss.

Once installed the only requirement is power which can be from a site standard 110V supply or 240V and if possible a local broadband connection for the transmission of alarms and the remote viewing of images. Don’t worry if you don’t have a broadband connection available as the Sitecam features a backup mobile broadband solutions built in. (Depending on suitable 3G/4G signal).

The system features 4 x 40m passive infrared detectors mounted at height upon the tower, once activated the fully functional 360 degree camera will turn to view the area in question and an activation alarm signal will be sent to the CMS (Central Monitoring Station).

sitecam tower



  • Pan-tilt-zoom
  • High resolution
  • 28:1 optical zoom
  • Sensitivity: 0.0 lux monochrome; 1 lux colour
  • Auto-focus, backlight compensation, automatic frame integration
  • Vandal resistant housing
  • 580 TVL Resolution
  • 100 Metre Infra-Red LED’s


  • Detector activation
  • Camera fail
  • Detector tamper
  • Detector low battery
  • Hard disk failure
  • Network connection lost
  • Mains failure
  • UPS low power alerts

Digital Recording

  • High resolution images (up to 2CIF)
  • Up to 25 pictures per second record rate
  • Independent configuration of recording & transmission parameters
  • Audio recording
  • 500GB hard disk drive
  • Ruggedised design, including anti shock, antivibration mountings


  • 110 Volts AC
  • UPS duration 4 hours

Public Address

  • 15W Power
  • Max Output 80dB


  • Passive infra-red (PIR)
  • Range up to 40 metres
  • Temperature compensation
  • Vandal resistant housing
  • Wireless options available


  • 3G video transmission
  • Dual 3G service provision for critical sites (alarms only)
  • Transmission of GPS coordinates for location tracking
  • All transmission costs included in standard rental agreement

Physical Construction

  • All electronics to IP66 minimum with dual skin enclosures
  • Independent adjustable feet
  • Integrated trolley mechanism
  • Steel cabinet with inner baffle plate protection
  • Anti-climb assembly
sitecam in transit