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K9 Patrol & Guarding Services

Safe & Sound Security (UK) Limited can provide dog patrol units, providing nationwide coverage our dog security patrols provide an active deterrent.

K9 patrols can be a cost-effective solution particularly for covering large areas along with areas where patrols may be particularly dangerous or challenging. Our dogs can work in all weathers, along with their handlers, to ensure that your premises remain safe from breaks ins, criminal damage, and theft.

Manned guarding with K9 companion

Our K9 patrols can be deployed in a range of scenarios from large site protection, warehouses, lockups, and critical infrastructure to local open parks and spaces during events and gatherings. Teamed with our Manned Security Guarding services and Alarm Response our dog patrols can provide 360-degree protection, providing a full solution to your security needs whilst also providing an active and highly visible deterrent.

No matter what industry and whether commercial of residential our K9 teams, dog and handler are provided bespoke instructions and guidance to ensure that your site is handled in a dynamic manner – providing the best K9 patrol services.



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Full perimeter patrol
Vibration and flashing warnings with the option for personalisation level

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Site Coverage
Routine site patrols, efficient, quick full site coverage

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Search & Detect
An increased potential to apprehend suspects, or catch them in their criminal act

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Active & Visual Deterrent
Guard dogs provide a real active deterrent when teamed with a static guard

We can tailor our solutions and deployment to your business needs, please get in contact with us to receive a tailored and competitive quote.

K9 guard for Safe and Sound Security UK K9 patrolling services

Dog (K9) Security Patrols

Teamed with our other security solutions K9 Patrols can become a valuable asset in keeping you premises secure from theft & criminal damage.

Manned Guard - with K9
Working alongside a static guard, a K9 unit can provide the next level of protection ensuring an active deterrent, whilst guaranteeing efficient full site coverage whether indoors, or a large outdoor space. Our static security solutions with nationwide covered, teamed with a K9 unit can provide additional peace of mind for you and your business.

Alarm Response
Once an alarm is raised our K9 patrol can be deployed to search and detect any signs of intruders or wrongdoing quickly and effectively, with full coverage of your site in a short time. With quick response, and nationwide coverage our patrols can leave criminals nowhere to hide, when our dogs lock onto a scent the intruder will be detected.

Event Security
Deployed during events in outdoor spaces, stadiums, and indoor spaces our K9 patrol dogs can detect drugs, illegal substances, and other paraphernalia. All while providing a highly visible deterrent to deter criminals from entering the event or your premises and causing any issues.