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Stay Compliant with Vibration Level Legislation

Safe & Sound Communications (UK) Ltd can supply vibration monitoring equipment to ensure you remain compliant with vibration level legislation in your workplace

Our vibration monitoring solutions can help you and your business remain on top of the vibration levels being output by manual and electronic working equipment to help you reduce and mitigate exposure to Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) also known as Raynaud's phenomenon.

Our equipment is state of the art and will help you keep your workforce safe whilst remaining discreet and comfortable for long periods of use. Our equipment is sturdy, fit for purpose and above everything else simple and easy to use.


The HAVi Watch combines Smart Watch Technology with Bluetooth Connectivity to create a technologically advanced method of HAV risk management, making vibration risks a thing of the past. The HAVi Watch is simple for everyone involved, including tool operators, site supervisors and management.


HAVi Watch Features


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Appropriate Warnings
Vibration and flashing warnings with the option for personalisation levels

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Tough & Convenient
It can be worn in whatever fashion best suits the job and can be used in the toughest environments

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Fully sealed design
Induction based charging means there is nothing exposed, protecting the watch.

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Dockless Charging
No docking stations are required to charge the HAVI Watch. Each watch charges independently.

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Advanced Notifications
Delivers key notifications to end users (e.g. Health Surveillance Appointments)

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Safe Working
Operators can work autonomously for extended periods

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Multi-Screen Display
Multi screen displays offer a broad spectrum of information

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Smart Communication
Data is stored and downloaded when required conveniently via Bluetooth

Why use Vibration Monitors

Did you know that your employees must not be exposed to excessive vibration levels whilst at work. This level is sometimes referred to as the ELV or the Exposure Limit Value. Our Vibration Monitoring solutions give you and your employees peace of mind and help to prevent and mitigate against common repetitive task and vibratory caused conditions such as HAVS and CTS.

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Manage & Reduce the risk of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)

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Manage and reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

What the Law Says...

The Law says that you must assess the vibration risk to your employees & you should take action to reduce exposure and mitigate the risk of any potential exposure. You must also ensure that your employees are not exceeding the legal exposure limits.

If you would like to know more about Vibration Monitoring equipment and what Safe & Sound Communications Ltd can offer you, please get in contact or request a call back.